Summer happens to be my second favorite time of the year (christmas season happens to be first of course.Christmas season is winter.yeah??), Anyways, i finally get to take a long break from school work and spend time with my family,friends and loved ones.

Summer is  the perfect time to go on a vacation with friends/family, visit new places,best time to sleep late and wake up late, good period for sleep-overs and game nights. It’s also the perfect time to see your favorite movies(by the way,what’s summer without  movies?).

So to help you with the perfect summer,Bisola and i complied a list of movies you should see this season.




 So this is one movie i personally love and i’ve seen. You know how every other spiderman movie gives us this sad chills because someone he loves has to die, and he has to act like a grown up that he isn’t. Well reverse is the case in home coming. The movie premiered on June 28,2017. Peter Parker is only a 15 year old high school boy, who lives with his aunt after his parents passed away (she’s hot by the way). Peter is way over enthusiastic to fight crime since he was drafted into the avengers by Stark to help with an internal dispute. But then he is a bit disappointed when Stark tells him he is not yet ready to become a full avenger. His curiosity still leads him to Toome and his henchmen. But the question is how does a 15 year old boy stop a bunch of grown up men from selling alien powered weapons???.


The inlaws happens to be a nollywood movie featuring ; Toyin Abraham, Charles Inojie, Chris Attoh.
Bascially, the story revolves around a retired policeman’s son who sets to marry a retired Lawyer’s daughter. Trouble begins when both families find out that they had issues when they were younger so they try to stop their children from getting married.

As much as i love to exaggerate good things, this movie is totally hilarious and a must watch too i mean , Toyin Abraham and Ngozi Nwosu are in it..(Toyin Abraham’s accent was a killer by the way.LOL)
Now don’t go all ‘ i don’t do nollywood movies’ on me because you all are the reason Nigeria won’t move forward.. (LOL)
But in all sincerity i underestimated this movie too much till i saw it and trust me i had no regret.
Just incase you had a bad day at school, work whatever just stop by the nearest cinema to see the inlaws for comic relief…


3.        ISOKEN

For my Nollywood lovers, this movie you would enjoy to the last minuit. Isoken is one lady who seems to have a perfect life. She is not only beautiful but also successful. But then at 34 Isoken is still unmarried. And you know how our Nigerian cultures are obsessed with marriage, so this is one big comma in her life. Her mom decides to match make her with one very handsome Edo man. Isoken on her own finds her herself falling in love with Kevin whom she finds all the husbandly qualities in. The problem now is Kevin is only not an Edo man but he is also an Oyinbo (Caucasian). Watch how the movie explores our cultural expectations and the bonds that unite families in touching dynamic and comedic ways.



War for the planet of the apes is a sequel of ‘rise of the planet of the apes’ and ‘dawn of the planet of the apes’. And if you’ve seen both movies you would know that the sequel is a must watch. The movies features two years after dawn of the apes and Ceaser and his clan are hiding out in a command base but this is bad for them as they start to suffer heavy losses. Ceaser is then forced to face the colonel McCullough and the traitorous gorilla Red. This face off will determine the fate of both species and the earth’s future.


I’m not sure about you but i love Ayomakun’s(Ay)
movies…Remember 30 days in Atlanta? It was too lit and then A trip to jamaica.Oh dear! I mean,you cannot see an Ay produced movie and regret i mean except you just like tragic movies.
Anyways 10 days in Suncity happens to be one of the most anticipated nollywood movie this summer..Starring ; Susu (Adesuwa Etomi), Richard Mofe Damijo, Gbenro Ajibad, FALZ, Mercy Johnson and the man himself ;AY.
With the characters alone i mean you should totally see it..If not for anyone at least Richard Mofe Damijo (hot grandpa LOL).
10days in Suncity is a must see movie this summer.


If you are a follower of every marvel movie, you would agree with me that Thor: Ragnarok would definitely be a blast. Since the first day I mistakenly saw the thriller on youtube, my anticipation has been high (and because I have a tiny crush on Chris Hemsworth, I mean who wouldn’t). In the movie Thor hears about trouble in his home and decides to visit. On getting there he finds that Loki’s style of ruling has led to some lapses in the rules and has also led to the freeing of the prisoner Hela (if you followed the comics you would know that Thor and Hela don’t get along). They both meet and engage in a fight which has Thor getting blasted to the other side of the universe. Here he would have to fight his way through the deadly gladiatorial contest. He also meets his former ally and fellow avenger Hulk. Now imagine the scene Thor without his hammer and his hair (LOL) going against the Hulk in a combat.



Jumanji- two names ;Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. These two in a movie definitely defines awesomeness . This is an upcoming 3D action adventure comedy. Four teenagers get detention and asked to clean the school’s basement. There they find a video game named JUMANJI and decide to play. Suddenly they are drawn into the game’s jungle setting and literally become the avatars they picked. Noe in other for them to return to the real world they would have to go through dangerous adventures which will not only change their lives but also change the way they think about themselves.



I’ve never been a fan of heroes or heroines i just don’t think it real.
So when my sisters said to see wonder woman i was totally pissed i even planned to just go in and sleep in the theatre because i really wasn’t interested.
P.S i don’t like animations( i don’t care how uncool that sounds i’m not a fan.LOL)and i heard wonder woman was once animated before it was a movie but i didn’t see it .
Anyway,i finally got to see it and it was super cool and all shades of interesting.
If you love heroes or heroines, you’d love this one,if you a huge supporter of feminism, you should totally see this one, if you don’t support feminism and heroines don’t freak you either, you should still see this movie..i promise you’d love it.
Starring: Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.


 When omotola Jalade acts, you know she’s in for serious business.

And for the fact that it’s been 3 years since she last appeared on screen i really want to see what she has to offer and give my ratings
Though i’ve not seen this movie it’s been everywhere in the cinema and i just know i have to see it and you should too.


To the all the GOT fans though the news is stale  but to those who didnt know, Game of thrones season 7 is out and winter is here.
The only reason i like Game of thrones is mainly because the unexpected happens and i’m like ‘i never wanted this person dead’ but then it goes on..

To people like me who haven’t started with season 7 , I’d advise you start soonest! Spice up the summer with some episodes of  GOT (LOL).

Which of these movies have you seen,and which is your favorite?

What movie do you think should have made  the list?

How’s summer going for you? 

Please feel free to drop your comments below ?and don’t forget to subscribe too?.


Have a wonderful week!!!!?





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  1. Ruthie says:

    Ahn ahn what about alakada reloaded??

  2. Owo's says:

    This is some interesting review. Hmm, I was thinking about watching JUMANJI but now I’m not quite sure. Might watch it because of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Awesome review. Keep it up. ?

  3. Dimeji says:

    JUMANJI!(did i spell that right??)
    loved the original so much as a kid. Didnt even know there was a remake.

  4. Rhuese says:

    Everything everything should have made the list tho, and before I fall, two amazing 2017 movies. And Spiderman homecoming was just amazing

  5. Suue says:

    Keziiii! #1 fan here??. My summer’s going quite well. A bit boring but the movies are keeping me going. Spiderman is amazing!!! And I have a feeling the War for The Planet of the Apes would be epic so I’mma see that.
    Keep up the fire Kezi??.

  6. Busola says:

    I enjoyed Wonder Woman even though at first it seemed over hipped

  7. Chinwike says:

    You might want to add girl’s trip in there

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