Hi lovelies!
It’s the weekend again and I’m extremely grateful . (It sure was a long windy week).

Anyways, today a beautiful friend of mine would be  sharing her thoughts on relationships. ( I hope you enjoy).

So, the Hopeless romantic
(me) says, love is the backbone of all relationships. You know how there are relationship experts amongst us today? I, however, think that it is impossible for a person to know everything about everything in everybody’s relationships, humans are just too human, a variety of madness. I particularly look for one of those that defy statistics because, obviously,  the spice of life is spontaneity. You don’t get strawberries just by wishing for them, especially when life is a lemon farm, but you can take that lemon and make a badass chocolate cake(you feel me right).Like  I mean, life is not likely to give you what you want in a relationship but whatever you get, you can re-create into something beautiful and leave people wondering how you made it work. And if you have not figured it out yet, everything about life is work, relationships are no exception. There’s no fairy tale, only result. Fight for what, for who you want and see how it turns out?.

So lovelies! Tell me what exactly your thoughts on relationships are in general? .I really want to know, feel free to share
– Written by Gbemisoke Akinlade

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