5 ways to stay motivated in 2018


When life throws lemons at you, what do you do with them?

Well, whatever you choose to do with them would determine your happiness and your life. If I were you, i would  pick them up add some honey, do a mixture, apply them to my skin, and just GLOW AWAY. Why?? Because, Life is too short to let little things like emotions, negative people, and the likes steal your joy.

Long time no post,(I know!!!) I went all AWOL on you guys and it was for a good cause, I promise. But then, every time I tried to get back to the blog, there was no vibe. I tried a whole lot of times trust me

( if you are on my contact on whats app, you’d agree with me) but still no vibe. It’s exactly 8pm where I am right now, and I thought to myself, I can’t let whatever is holding me back, hold me back for so long. So, I decided to blog about this ‘5 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED in 2018’. (And yes this is a post to break my sabbatical leave, I have been gone for too long).

5 ways to stay motivated in 2018

I  don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a great hype for 2018, some may say it comes with every new year, well, that’s not a bad thing, getting ready for a new dawn, to start afresh, I think only successful people think that way.

Nevertheless 2018 is a year I’m really looking forward to. In my mind, I already tagged it the year of REJOICING and SHOOTING SHOTS (lol). I have so many goals to smash this year, so many stumbling blocks to make as stepping-stones, so many people to make proud and so many people to prove wrong this new year. I don’t know about you but I really do have plans; letting go of all negative talks and vibe and looking forward to optimism and strength. Remember this post   about letting go?

But then, some of us start off with this vibe and in the middle of the year, we give up because life comes at us. We (including myself) have to stop the lip rendering services and actually fight, yes fight for our dreams . Anyways, I decided to encourage us all hence this blog title “ 5 WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED THIS NEW YEAR.

So how do you stay motivated?


One of my favorite scriptures, if not my favorite scripture is Habakuk Chapter 2 verse 2 ‘…. write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it’. Ever since I found that scripture, I took God by his word, now I write out everything i want to achieve and pin it down somewhere  where people can see and doubt me and then I focus on smashing those goals too.  God would never put his people to shame. In other words, whatever it is you want to achieve this year, pick up a pen and paper right now, enlist them and paste them somewhere where the world and you yourself can see it, be determined to achieve each of them,one by one. Then Pray, work and watch how God ticks them out one after the other for you. P.S: Don’t tear or thrash them if they don’t happen all at once, or if they are taking too long to accomplish  because later down  that scripture (Habakuk 2 verse 2) it says, though it may tarry (delay), it’s yet for an appointed time. SO DO YOUR JOB AND LET GOD DO HIS.


Some days back I just sat down to think of the year 2017 from January till date and how it has been and all I could do was thank God. Yes, I’m proud to say I achieved a lot this year, and only because God did it. I’m not where I want to be but I’m grateful for how far I’ve come. When it looks like you can’t win, when it feels like the world is crumbling on you or like nothing good is happening, that’s the best time to RUN TO GOD. Honestly, pray your heart out, read your bible that’s the greatest motivation, lean not on your own understanding.



     I’m not so sure if this is how the scripture exactly goes, but I know there’s a part that says ‘men perish because of the lack of vision (if I’m wrong, correct me and if I’m not share the scripture. lol). To stay motivated, you need a reason,  WHAT IS YOUR WHY?. Why do you have to stay motivated or determined for this cause???. Know your why, (remind yourself when it seems like you are about forgetting) Define your why, because those WHY’S would push you or even remind you the essence of staying motivated and the need to achieve your goals. ( Did i make any sense ??)

5 ways to stay motivated in 2018

5 ways to stay motivated in 2018



You know that one friend, who never gives you space to be great, the very one who never has anything positive to say, Yes! that one that would never encourage or support you to do the right thing, the one that would never assist you in achieving any good thing. YES THAT ONE,!!!. Do me a favor please, EXCOMMUNICATE (yes i used the word) that person from your life. You cannot stay motivated with that kind of person or crowd around you. Thus, no matter the motivational books you read, when you are surrounded with negative people, they tend to suffocate your dreams and destroy your hopes. This 2018 we are settling for positivism ; positive energy only. We need to stay motivated in the right crowd, we are not coming to joke! (DEAL?!?!?)



“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” — Confucius

To stay motivated, we all have to learn to work and stop procrastinating. We have to face our fears, this is one of the toughest because no one can help us do it but we ourselves. What is it you are scared of?? Take a piece of paper and pen now, write them out and ways to face them squarely. You need to also take it easy with yourself, be proud of your small and big growth , just don’t stop keep moving no mater how slow. If it;s something you can’t do alone, tell GOD because this year there’s no space for I can’t do it now I’d do it later. NO, it is now or NEVER (That’s our attitude for the year), and if you can’t beat us, you had better join us.

2017 was a good year, UPS and DOWNS, more blessings than disappointments. 2017 was a beautiful year, a year I’m thankful for. Moreover, we are coming even stronger in 2018, defeating the bad habits, working harder, defeating laziness and procrastination. It’s going to be a challenging year, besides that, we are  going to Rejoice and SHOOT out SHOTS.(So help us God)

Hey 2018, Get ready, for we are not regular!!!.

This is me wishing you all A wonderful 2018 ahead!!!!!!

And an apology for going AWOL on you all ( Pray for me I need the Grace to study and still be consistent).

How was the year 2017?

What’s your plan this new year?

How do you motivate yourself?

How helpful was this post and which of the advise are you going to heed to?


Feel free to share your comments and thoughts in the comment box (your comments and nice words are like shortbread and milk to me)

And yes!!

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  1. Sensei says:

    Men perish for their lack of wisdom… Good write up… Don’t forget to look towards vlogging 😅

  2. Raymond kalu says:

    Amazingly dished, I always knew and saw how wonderful u will be , from how uu smiled in your pictures I still got pictures of u far back in 2011 , I have always wished to be in communication with you but all to know avail , u never respond , maybe this is where God wants me to be able to say hi to you my good gorgeous beauty.. Thanks for the motivation…at d end our quest in life will come to realization…Raymond kalu my name.

  3. Write those goals out there for people to see and doubt you and let God smash them! Okay that’s a challenge! Way to go girlie! Glad you are back! 2018’s coming with a different kinda vibe!

  4. Madeline says:

    I agree with you, there is a renewed sense of optimism this year. Anyway, I totally agree with all of your advice. Especially the trusting in God part. Happy new year!



  5. Alexis says:

    Hey Grace. Thanks a lot for this, I really did need it. Its been barely two weeks into the year and I’ve been slipping and your post jut reignited a spark in me.

  6. Shasha Rshan says:

    Very important tips. In this day and age, it is to easy to forget your “Why” and get all caught up in everybody else’s why. My weekly struggle. Loved this article.


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