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You really want to know me????

Are you sure about that??


Forgive me..

I’m Kezia -Grace Macbruce (I’m obsessed with my names and even when i get married, it isn’t going to change. lol), I’m Nigerian-Ghanaian, an 18-year-old life-style blogger, an aspiring diplomat too.

I love expressing myself through writing (I think that explains why i blog), i love poetry, good books, good people, good music, good food (like who doesn’t?),and of course visiting new places;And if i had money traveling would have  been my hobby (but then?).
And oh yes, i laugh a lot (I’m sure you noticed with all the ‘LOL’.). i don’t take life too seriously, i mean what’s the point?.Laugh,cry,be you!!!

Anyways, this blog is where i share my thoughts about modest fashion,style, relationships.Well,life in general.
And if you love good things just like i do, you’d love this blog too.

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