Hey lovelies!!!

So yesterday’s post was on relationship and the view yesterday alone was awesome (people and relationship stories tho.Lol, just joking, pls don’t punish me by not reading next time)By the way, if you haven’t read the post, you can read it  here.

Anyways, the blog is a month already , *inserts dancing emoji. I’m sure you know already because i mentioned it here on the monthly chronicle series. 

On the 29th of April i launched kezzygrace and ever since, it’s been one experience to another. Though i’ve spent 4 weeks,i still feel  its worth an experience to share. I’ve learnt alot and i’m still  learning and trust me i’m loving every bit of it.

I can remember when I started blogging  i felt i wasn’t good enough  i kept visting other blogs and i kept asking myself’ kezzy can you ever get to this point, can you ever be like this person or that person? ‘.

I kept comparing myself to other bloggers and underestimating my value and worth but then it was taking me nowhere, it just made me want to give up on everything , but then i had to remember why i started.

N:B:comparison is the thief of all joy .

So i started working on myself to be better and i learnt that i can only be me to succeed and no-one could do it for me  other than myself . Though i’m not where i want to be,i’m glad i’m better than i started.Because  in all sincerity, comparing ourselves with other people doesn’t make us  better  instead it weakens us.

Honestly ehn, blogging has taught me lessons. Some weeks back, i had an encounter with Uwani Aliyu(a beauty vlogger ) at first i was excited when i saw she sent a message ‘this babe don blow’ (my thoughts but then it wasn’t a friendly chat and i honestly felt bad(still feel bad)about it . Anyways, there was a  blog  post  on beauty and  Uwani Aliyu’s name was mentioned  (it’s been edited tho) i should  have read properly before posting because it was more like a guest blog post but then i didn’t ,and somehow she read the post (be careful what you do online, you never know who’s watching) and sent a DM via instagram which wasn’t friendly.Anyways,  i had to apologize  because i read it again and found out that it wasn’t a  friendly comment .

RULE#1: Don’t  be in a rush to publish your post;READ PROPERLY OVER AND OVER AGAIN TILL YOU ARE SATISFIED.

Though blogging has been a bit stressful, The love and encouragement i get from you all  is immeasurable ( please don’t stop) i promise to be even better.( we are open for sponsorships and collaborations too *winks)

Though this new month, i won’t be too stable because my exams are here already(remember me in your prayers) but i promise an awesome and fun filled JULY.*WAIT FOR IT.

Till then i’d be flooding your timeline on Instagram.

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  1. B-Sheep says:

    seen so far on your blog I’m wowed.
    I’ve always wanted to have a platform I can share my ideas – the educative ones and the strange ones(I’ve got loads of it 😀 !)
    About the last post, I don’t do the love thang but it is interesting to see it through someone else’s eyes.
    Yes o! Comparison is the thief of joy. This field requires uniqueness. You gotta do it your way to get better results – as a veteran reader(lol), trust me when I say people recognize and appreciate uniqueness!
    Please keep up the good work and please try and diversify further. You may even try and have online or personal interviews with notable people in certain fields.
    Happy bloggerversary KG!

  2. Gbemisoke says:

    Congratulations Kezzy! Keep learning ?

  3. Jovi says:

    Nothing good comes easy. “you can’t know how high you can fly if you don’t try”. You are gonna fly higher than all bloggers out there very soon.

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