BANGDADADENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Someone is super excited today) . .Chill why shouldn't i be?? We had the opportunity to interview this amazing personality.  If  you love fashion i mean if  you really do love fashion, you would love ' pretty faze' in person of Bukola Ogunyemi. .So where are our Fashion/style lovers at? The first time i saw Prettyfaze was in secondary school(we…read more


Hey guys!!! So this post came later than usual and i apologize again. I got a lot of request to post something about natural hair care and stuff but I didn't know how to go about it .But here it is anyways. To you ladies still thinking if or not to transition and those who are already in the family,…read more

Kezzygrace and the girl behind the keyboard

Yaay!!! Its official; it's my very first official blog post and I'm way passed excited.But I'm Grateful to God. Today marks a great milestone in my life , indeed a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Forgive me I've not introduced my self .I'm kezia-Grace (that's how kezzygrace came about) . You can read more about me…read more


Style is an expression of personality, it’s not about who’s the best dressed or who has the most things, its’ about carving an expression that defines your who you are and what you value, either in the simplest of ways, or the loudest, style is art and it is creativity, it Is looking good, and attractive; true, it’s keeping up…read more

Introduction To Fashion (BISOLA 101)

As a born fashionista and an upcoming entrepreneur I surround myself with everything fashion. I believe that fashion reveals the dept of one's inner beauty and creativity. Fashion is a way of life. But it can be really heartbreaking to see that most people have turned the beauty of fashion into something else today. For instance most people only wear…read more

Heels Will Take You Higher

(Photo Credit goes to original owners )
Hey lovelies! So this post today is dedicated to pretty short girls like myself. We’ve had our struggles in this wicked world but each day we just come out strong and more determined not to eat beans (LOL). When I was 9 my younger sister looked like she was three years older than me(but i’m a year older) and when…read more