I’ve been thinking about suicide for a while now, no, not about killing myself but about the pain that comes from that decision, thinking about it takes so much strength, so much will, and that to me , above all else is reason to hold on, to channel all that hurt, pain and sadness, turn it into determination, hope and courage,so you heal, and rise from the ashes, for a new beginning, I hope this touches someone, or influences someone to touch another.

The Father was sad; as the day drew to a close and He swirled the Earth to begin another, a sad look hung on his face. The Son was no different; they looked on, at the tiny blue gold planet… A gray mist went from them, and no angel dared to go in, no angel dared dance, or sing, not till the mist disappeared and hope spread through the heavens again… Three thousand people had taken their lives just that day; but to Them, it was more than a hundred thousand… They could see the past, the present and the future, and as the lights went out, as the wonder fizzled away, as the beauty dimmed, They felt the pain of each one… Not just for what they did, but for what they could have been if they just held on…

He hurt you, she caused you pain, you lost someone, you’ve known pain… The kind that always lingers, the kind that wakes you up when you sleep, a torture without end, and each time you seek relief, it feels like every door you open, everyone is armed with sharp objects, everything hurts… You’ve never fit in anywhere and life seems like it has no meaning, living every day through seems like torture; and peace is so sweet a relief, the idea of silence, of solitude, so beautiful, but how do you silence a noise inside you? The only way to do that is to silence yourself; a few pills, a tight noose, a little pressure on the accelerator, more drinks than you can hold; a jump off the bridge, the fishes celebrate, and you’re gone… Just like that, your light, wonder and beauty, the switch is off, show’s over…



Every time someone takes their life, every time! There is always a degree of guilt to be felt, a family member that is hurt, friends and family that wished they had seen the signs, wished they had treated the victim better, but it’s too late, that person, along with his hopes, dreams, aspiration, pain and future is gone; forever… And loved ones left behind are left to carry that weight, it’s way too heavy, it crushes them, they change, all of them, they try to live with it, they fall, and they’re forever crushed by the weight of that decision. You focused too much on the pain, you forgot that sometimes things get bad before they get better, swords are forged from molten metal, gold is refined in fire, and nothing became powerful through happiness alone, you can be strong again, you can love again, you can heal again, you don’t need anyone’s approval, nobody, you don’t need anyone’s permission to burn it all, to burn all the pain, burn all the regret, burn all the bad decisions, burn everything, wipe the ash, and let new life rise; a hopeful new beginning.
You’re the most beautiful person to someone, they might not be in your life now, but they’re somewhere, wondering about you, you’re going to inspire millions someday, your amazing mind will save the world, your pain will inspire someone to hold on to life, you matter, you don’t just exist, and you’re too beautiful, too amazing to let yourself go; silence the pain, shut it out, cast it into the ocean instead of yourself and let your beauty come from within till it surrounds you, Rise…
By: Ade Ayo

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