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Last week i went on a church convention in Enugu state( by the way, Enugu is a wonderful place) and it was awesome i had fun dwelling in God’s presence and enjoying his plenty blessings.
One of the messages preached was titled Forgiveness it was too inspiring that i decided to blog about it.
Sometimes we let Grudges, hate,and unforgiveness   steal our joy and happiness and gets us in bondage.(life is too short for all that)

   I’ll share a personal girl /teen story:
Sometime back in high school i had a crush on someone who happened to be one of the finest boys in school. Now as an outspoken young girl, i never hide my feelings. So one  day i decided  to tell the handsome boy how i felt about him(I know not every girl can do that). Well fortunately for me the feeling was mutual (was it really?), I was really happy that my weird courage wasn’t in vain. After a while of being friends despite knowing how we feel about each other, I found it weird that he didn’t ask me out. But then he would text me almost every night and say sweet things to me, and i would be carried away by all that. A day came and then my best friend visited my school. And in all excitement i introduced her to the possible boyfriend (complicated something sha). I also had them exchange numbers too (maybe i wanted to start a family lol). (Now comes the climax of my story) The boy whom i thought  was loyal to me started asking my best friend out, also texting her and even calling at night. He would tell her that i would never find out and it was she he liked. At the same time he continued his routine with me (you know lovey dovey and all). Instead of my best friend to tell on him. She decides to play along so she would have lots of evidence for me, but along the line she finds herself falling for him and it all became real.(fake love turns to real love lol). At this point my best friend was also always there to give advice whenever i had issues with the boy. One way or the other i found out about the hidden relationship so i  confronted both of them and they couldn’t defend themselves (they were blaming the devil). I was so angry and felt so betrayed that i made a promise never to have anything to do with either party. This was a problem because i really couldn’t do anything without my best friend (we were like twins). This grudge and hatred went on for months, by then i had gotten rid of everything that had to do with my best friend. I hated her so much(because of a guy) that i threw almost everything i had that would remind me of her, i didn’t want to hear her name or see her i was just bent on revenge ‘i must do it to her back, let her feel my pains too’ (my thoughts).

In the mist of all of these tho, my best friend kept using every opportunity she had to apologize to me but i wasn’t interested i kept telling her i couldn’t forgive her and that she had to get hurt just like i was..Even after getting rid of her stuff i still felt empty without her, when people talked about her in my presence i just walked away and when i see her on my way i just take another route;that’s what happens when you choose not to forgive it keeps you in bondage you feel disturbed though you won’t admit.
Anyways, one day i stumbled upon a picture of both of us when we were just 3 years of age. I burst into tears as memories of a lifetime friendship cloud my mind. I decided to tell my mom about my dilemma (leaving out the boy part tho of course?).
My mom simply said to me”never pass out on what makes you happy”.
Though i was really hurt as i felt betrayed and disappointed by my supposed best friend. Deep down i knew not forgiving her was hurting me more and i was loosing my lively nature and turning into a beast because of revenge. Remember my let it go post(read here if you can’t )?.Sometimes we really just have to let things go and move on with life..Malice, grudges, hate, doesn’t solve anything but Love ❤️ heals everything.



QUOTE:Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior, forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying our heart



If it’s not too personal, i would appreciate if you can share stories of times when you just felt revenge was the solution and not forgiving would help the other person feel your pain..
Please share as we have..


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  1. Jamila says:

    Interesting post here! I would forgive your friend but I don’t think I would keep her as a friend though! What she did is very painful and if she were a good friend, she would have told you about it immediately. Let’s not make any excuses for bad behaviour here. She should have known better. Anyways, its all in the past now so best to continue moving on. Fighting over a guy is not worth it but I would be very careful around her. –

  2. Hey grace, I enjoyed reading the post. I know the right thing to do is to forgive, but its difficult especially when you know you can’t do what they have done to you to them. Its not easy to forgive, especially forgetting.

  3. Sue says:

    Kezi honestly it’s God’s grace that helps us with the spirit of forgiveness because honestly it seems like certain people don’t deserve to be forgiven but imagine if God thought that way, then Jesus wouldn’t have come now would He? There was an instance where I had an issue with my very close friend and I thought I would never forgive her but then I thought, if I were in her shoes, I would want to be forgiven so I pretty much had to let it go. Thanks Kezi for this inspiring write up??
    #1 FAN!?

    • Sue I honestly agree with you.
      There’s been times when I just wanted to revenge and just hate but then like you said imagine if Jesus just decides to revenge like us whenever we offend him, we would probably be dead by now but thank God for grace.
      Thanks for reading sweetheart!
      We love you.

  4. Josue says:

    I love it Kezy. Keep it up.

  5. olabode Blessing says:


  6. Olaitan says:

    I really can relate. But it might be hard to forgive. Especially when it’s my best friend. Anyways God’s grace is always there for us to deal with issues because until 70×7 (which is virtually impossible) we are meant to forgive.
    I enjoyed it. ???

    • Sweetheart no lies oo
      Until we leave this earth we have to learn to tolerate and forgive that’s the only way we can survive

      • chidinma says:

        Hello Kezzy,
        Nice one on forgiveness. The truth about forgiveness is that it is hard but with the help of God one can forgive. Forgiveness is actually for you not for the other person. Forgiveness is liberating. Keep it up!!!

  7. Chinwike says:

    Kezy am impressed keep it up

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