Introduction To Fashion (BISOLA 101)

As a born fashionista and an upcoming entrepreneur I surround myself with everything fashion. I believe that fashion reveals the dept of one’s inner beauty and creativity. Fashion is a way of life. But it can be really heartbreaking to see that most people have turned the beauty of fashion into something else today. For instance most people only wear a particular attire because a celebrity wore it and it looks good on them. No people it doesn’t work that way. Because it looks good on her perfect slim body doesn’t mean it will fit your chubby shape. Don’t get me started on the makeup brouhaha. Please ladies if you can’t blend that makeup well do not step out of your house. With the sun at almost 90 degrees and an unblended foundation, you start looking like a Chinese vampire,when its not Halloween. And you men don’t think you are left out on this. Why would you step out of your house in a white suit,white shoe and white walking stick , are you now working for the Osun deity??..  I believe that fashion is an institution that shouldn’t be taken with levity. People commit fashion crimes everyday because all they do is plagiarize.(optional: Wizkid is now on blond hair and tattoos all over just like Chris brown. But deep down we all know it doesn’t suit him). Nothing is wrong in taking an idea, add some creativity to better suit your personality and making it better. With fashion there are no limits and no rules,just be yourself



  Bisola Bolaji

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