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If you are a Lagosian, or you just happen to love Lagos so you live  in Lagos or you were probably just born into the hood(just like myself), you must be a very special breed spiritually endowed  by God with the virtue of Patience and tolerance. I mean, i was born in Lagos but i’ve had the opportunity to visit a few other states so at least i can say Lagos is one very special place.

I mean, just picture this scenario: with the enthusiasm of being a new Lagos resident, you decide to catch the next evening bus with the  hope of having fun and just relaxing. Every vehicle suddenly slows down and takes to a halt. You decide to peep out the window for fresh air because the moist smell of different body odor in the bus has become overwhelming. But on doing that, one special man just comes from nowhere and informs the ‘danfo’ bus driver beside you ‘omo trailer don fall for road oh’ then the old woman sitting next to you says ‘WELCOME TO LAGOS’. (I mean this only happens in our very own LAGOS!.)

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Have you ever been so tired from work or school so much so  that you start planning in your head how you would just Uber or sharply jump into that Keke that goes straight to your house when it’s close hours and  fly on  your bed with your clothes on immediately you get home?…

Finally, work closes. You got your ride. 5 mins on the go the roads are blocked, cars are stuck and every one’s trying to get themselves out of the traffic, The danfo driver is struggling with the Porsche driver, the okada driver is struggling with the lorry driver. But because you are hungry you thank God for the traffic at least you can buy gala and la casera . Good for you if your  driver happens to be fine, just use style to hook up and enjoy your snack in the process LOL.

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Luckily the road is free after spending 2 hours in traffic for a journey that shouldn’t have been up to 30 minutes.

Anyways, you finally got home and as planned jumped right on your bed. Only that the 3 churches you happen to be neighbors with, chose that day to be  their vigil and all night musical concert(i really love God oh don’t get me wrong but sometimes some of those church speakers could make you deaf in less than 5 minutes)with the speakers shaking your bed so much that you cant even sleep.

So what’s next?

You decide to stay up since you cant sleep, you switch on the TV (at least while watching, you could sleep off), you tune in to your favorite channel; 3 minutes into the show, Nepa takes the light. What’s the worse that could happen?( you think). So you dress up to get some air and clear your mind too. You choose to walk down the junction to get a cab that would take you down to ‘LA MANGO RESTAURANT’ or a really nice bukateria . On your way the very impatient motorcyclist (lagos Okada riders are the real MVP’s ) splashes  dirty water on you . Anyways, you finally get the cab very close to your destination, the driver refuses to obey the traffic signs so you get chased by ‘LASTMA’..You force him to stop, pay him his money and leave him there . Thank God for your legs, you  walk down to the restaurant and get yourself a very nice meal.



If you live in Lagos,i’m sure you would be able to relate totally to this story.

Everyone’s rushing somewhere in Lagos  no matter the time or day even on public holidays ? the road is never free..Talented drivers that could drive you to your grave sooner than God even proposed. My mom used to say, ‘if you can drive in Lagos, you can drive anywhere in the world’ and i totally agree with the saying.


Notwithstanding, Lagos is awesome!.

Have you ever been frustrated by Lagos traffic?

What’s your worst Lagos road experience?

What is it you love most about Lagos?


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And i’m very sorry for going all MIA on you guys forgive me, i’m back now and better!!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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    This is an amazing and excellent write up, Cheers to u. But if nepa takes light, na to crash oo. Keep up the good work ?.

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  3. Olaitan says:

    No place like Lagos despite the hustle and bustle.

  4. Sarah says:

    I can totally relate girl, pops to you?

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    This is a really nice write-up. keep it up

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    Ths is so beautifully put together. I can totally relate. Keep up the good work. ?

  7. Novocaine says:

    What i suffered on Friday ehn… on top traffic…..Nice piece baby girl

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    Nice write up

  9. Voke flack says:

    Kezie my daughter
    You’re getting better each day hun
    Beautiful write up.

  10. Naomi says:

    And when you finally get your destination and you say stop instead of Owa…lol..”LOBATAN”.

  11. ruthie says:

    I’m not a lagosian but I schooled in lag so I can relate, kinda. Beautiful piece?

  12. Boaz says:

    So trueeeeee???

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    Kezzygrace! Mind of an eagle. Keep it baby girl. xoxo

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