The last time I blogged was on the 31st of December 2017;where I shared my thoughts on how to stay motivated this year ;2018(you can read the post here if you haven’t) Anyways, that was a long time ago approximately 70 days. And I’m here wondering if I can still be called a blogger. (But oh well!).In my defense, being away for this long wasn’t intentional, I’m going through a phase which I know would definitely pass.

I read Subomi Salami’s post on ‘Life Update’ and I thought ‘ why not share  mine too’ and title it ‘ Life update’ or maybe ‘Life Lately’ (any title you give it,is totally fine by me. Lol)Anyways, this post was inspired by Subomi Salami of

Life Update, Life Lately

Life Update, Life Lately

                        THE UPDATE     


APPRECIATING: I’m learning to appreciate people and life even more.I’m also learning  to appreciate my growth no matter how slow it may seem and be grateful for the baby steps . 2018 is teaching me gratitude as I’m learning to give thanks to my Creator  in all situations  because honestly that’s all I can do.

P.S: March is my birth month so I got into March expecting  great things and testimonies. And so far, March has been good and it’s running very fast too which is very exciting.

READING: I’ve been working on my final year project more these days ( which hasn’t been so easy)so I barely have time to read other books. But I’m surely getting back when the semester is over. Did I mention that I’d be a graduate in less than 3 months?(Anyways, that’s by the way).

ADMIRING : I’ve learnt to admire my natural hair and give it more attention,I’m currently also admiring youths making and pressing for progress it shows that the future is going to be bright.

Life Update, Life Lately

Natural Hair

ANTICIPATING : I’m currently anticipating the registration of my  NGO by March 20. I really can’t wait for it to be registered.(you can also contribute to the success of this). I  also can’t wait  for May so I can be done with undergrad. But in the mean time, I’m awaiting the success of my 1st semester results!.

Life Update, Life Lately

Passion For Help

Life Update, Life Lately

Passion For Help


DETERMINED: I’m more determined to smash my academic goals, while I await my results which I really have high hopes for (It’s going to be a miraculous result). I’m more determined to make an impart on the  life of African youths and children. I’m also more determined to win  awards this year ;regional and national.

P.S : I won an Award in school few days back

Life Update, Life Lately

The Award

CRAVING : BURGERS!!! BURGERS AND MORE BURGERS. Though I promised to stay away but since I found out on Instagram I broke the covenant.



UNDERSTANDING : Life is currently teaching me that the world cannot always revolve around me. I’m learning  to understand how and why people act the way they do and reasons behind their actions.


LOVING : I’m currently loving my Body fantasy spray which I got as a gift for my birthday ;which  was on the 5th of March.. And hey!!!. I’m in LOVE and I’m learning to love whole heartedly. (Lol)


EXCITED : I’m so excited about the future and I’m currently doing everything that would pave way for my future career!

ACTIVITIES: I’ve been involved in a whole lot of things this semester which is taking a lot of my time but would be totally worth it at the end of the day( I totally believe so ).

LEARNING: I’m learning to dance Shaku Shaku which is such a big deal for me because I have to channel my inner  dance kills. I mean,there’s no YouTube tutorial video I haven’t watched to make this dream come true.  (Lol)

P.S : I cannot dance to save my life

This basically has been the summary of my Life!!!. The year has been challenging but like I mentioned in my previous post here. I’m settling for positivity.

January was like 365 days in a month

February was very fast but loving

And March so far has been faithful to me


Thank you so much for reading!

Who missed me?

And how has your life been lately?

How was  February and how’s March going?


P.S :Something exciting is coming to the blog soon

Wait for it!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great write up. You are going places dear and please don’t stop writing.

  2. dcircles says:

    Amazing write up giirrrrl . Keep it up . Delali 😊

  3. Girl, I’ve been watching this space. I can’t wait to come home and visit too. Their burgers sure look delicious. Great post babe!

  4. Philip says:

    This is beautiful my dear. Keep the ball rolling, it’s going straight up into the goal post.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lovely work. Continuez à faire de l’excellent travail !

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice write up… I didn’t miss you sha😂. February was different. March has been fun so far. This is like a peek into your mind

  8. Sharon says:

    I just found your blog and now I’m hooked! You write so well and Girl!! I know the hassle in finishing your final project. Wish you lits of lucks and congratulations on every achievement
    You can find me here

  9. Suue says:

    FAMMMMMM You had me hooked at Shaku shaku loool. Well as your Number 1 fan, I’m impressed as always by this write-up. Keep it up babe. 😉

  10. Hibiscus says:

    The shaku shaku of a thing is not even funny. I’ve given up so I just praise people that dance it and move on with life but if you think you can still do it, who am I to say otherwise. Lol.

    You are doing good sistur. Keep it up.
    Much love ❤❤❤

  11. Blessing Ojo says:

    Nice one Gracey, keep making us proud gurlll

  12. Folabomi says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 my heart leaps at this post . Such positivity and determination .. the kind of vibes I need raii nauwww. Way to go on the award darling ✊✊. .. let’s do this all year rOund, shall we ???!!!

  13. Balogun opeyemi says:

    Nice writeup kezzy.You’re going places. keep it up

  14. AY says:

    Love what you have done with the blog. Great work here! I have tried my hands on a blog myself, so I know its not easy. I like the style of narrative, its plain raw naked honesty and nothing else. No fuss, no flair, no friction. Ok. You’ve got me. I’m officially a fan of Kezia and Wishing you all the very best as you wrap up your tertiary education and hoist your NGO. We will be applauding you from the stands. Keep the flag flying. Much love.

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