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So its been a while since i did something on relationship(ish). So i decided to engage a few of my friends in a relationship based discourse, and trust me they all had something interesting to say.
It’s no surprise the kind of high esteem to which education is given in our society today. The way the world views those who are illiterate, it’s almost as if they are not humans. Imagine yourself waking up every morning beside a partner who can’t read nor write and can’t communicate with you in English. Now bring your thought to this question “can true love move you to date a person who is illiterate?”(what a question right?).



Sometime ago my friend met this guy in school, really fine, dresses well and stuff, so finally she decided to talk to and immediately he spoke in his ‘igbotic accent,she disappeared. Meaning his accent alone turned her off. And this guy happens to be an educated young man i mean, he’s in the university so he has a reasonable level of education yet his accent turned my friend off. Now imagine if he couldn’t speak English, or if he wasn’t even eduacated at all. What  would she have done?(move to a different school maybe).
Darbie and i couldn’t get enough of this topic  so as was mentioned earlier,we had to discourse with some friends. Here is what they have to say about the question.



Adesola says “I can’t date an illiterate.. There is no excuse for illiteracy, children of nowadays mistake love for something else. love is not when you know something would lead you astray and you go into it saying nothing is impossible.. love can’t make me date an illiterate. Dating an illiterate is a big stain, he isn’t presentable.. All these adult education stuff is useless, what were you using your youthful days for? I went to school and gained a lot, what’s my boyfriend’s reason for not going to school? Guys of nowadays are not ready to learn anymore, all they want is fast money, any girl dating an illiterate is just wasting her time because nothing good can come out of the relationship.. No parent would allow their child to marry an illiterate”.(its a no no for Desola).



Ife also says that “Love they say knows no bounds but then, every person has a little bit of self worth;some call it ego others call it pride which ever one you choose to call it, everybody has it. That’s what won’t make you even fall in love with an illiterate in the first place.

Well in my opinion, i think people tend to fall in love with someone they compliment and someone that challenges them. If that person challenges you maybe it’s possible. To me personally though i don’t think it’s possible. But it also depends on if the person is willing to embrace and learn”.(thank you Ife, its noted that we should date people who challenge us).



Tobi has a different opinion tho, he says “before  i try to date or get married i would make sure i am in a comfortable position to take care of myself and another person. They say learning starts at home so if she is willing to learn i don’t mind. Since i am not illiterate i don’t see any reason why i can’t teach her a couple of things i know. (Wow nice one Tobi).



Let’s see what  Gbemisoke has to say about this too. She says “You mean illiterate like, can’t read or write.
First of all, where would i find such persons around, i’m in school for goodness’ sake.
And if by any chance i do, i can’t even communicate well with someone who cannot speak English to a reasonable extent, so, true love ko.
And even if he’s willing to learn, i’m not a teacher please ??. Thank you very much ?”(lol Gbemi is just being truthful ).



So lastly we have Inioluwa who says he can date an illiterate as long as its true love. All he would do is transform the lady into the woman he wants. (Waawu  i guess mr Inioluwa is a love fanatic).

Well that’s a wrap for today’s post. Basically we have gotten contrast comments of people who don’t mind dating a person who is illiterate and those who wouldn’t even think in that direction (lol). It’s funny how the ladies say never and the guys could still accommodate the thought of it. Makes me wonder if every lady would never want to date an illiterate. Join the gist people, let’s know your thoughts too and how you feel about the topic.


What’s  your take?    

Can true love move you to date someone who is illiterate?   

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  1. Yes, I can date an illiterate. I will definitely mold him into someone I want. True love isn’t something you find everywhere

  2. Greg says:

    Dope dope dope! I knew this one will be very nice…Keep up the good work!

  3. Zxxy says:

    Would be hard tho. Love can overshadow a lot of things but Illiteracy? Eventually it would get to you

  4. Oyewole Ruth says:

    That Gbemisoke is not all right????

  5. Anonymous says:

    For the fact that he is an illiterate, I don’t even think true love will come in the first place

  6. Tife Grace says:

    Which kind of love is that ?? The fact that you can’t even use the words properly puts me off. I will now sit down and be teaching grown person from the scratch. Even in this country where unemployment rate is high, Ehn Ehn ?

  7. Ebenezer Jean-fidèle Ananou says:

    Interesting topic
    It just shows from the responses why men are termed “grooms” on their wedding day and he women are not. The guys are ready to groom their lady in the sense of the word itself. But the ladies, hell to the no. Lol.
    Nice work Kezzy!

  8. Damilola Adeyemi says:

    Wonderful stuff girl! Although I can never ever date an illiterate or advice anyone to do so. Be in love, don’t be stupid.

  9. ikogba ene ruth says:

    for me o i really cant date an illiterate.. even if people say that true love conquers it all…..nah not at all i mean after i suffered in the hands of my lecturers i will now come and date an this 21ST CENTURY!!!! AHHHH NOOOOO!!

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