Love don’t cost a thing

Hey lovelies!

So today, I’ll be sharing a relationship story I  heard sometime back.

This story is basically about a beautiful young girl who fell in love with a brutal young man .
This pretty girl was always seen around with her boyfriend.Like the world knew them together , (The kind of couple you admire from a distance and wish your relationship could be like ; please let’s be careful what we wish for)some admired ,others probably just thought they were cool but no one knew  exactly what was happening behind closed doors.
Then somehow, I don’t know how but then somehow the truth start unveiling. We found out that the young man was always hitting her(and now I don’t mean just hitting with his hands but rather with objects), he hit her so bad and every time this happened, we expected to hear her  say something like ‘i cant do this anymore’ , or even come to her senses and just put an end to the stupidity(forgive my language) she called love but NO,she didn’t. Instead she gave excuses for him like “He’s going through a phase,(biko what phase?) he’d pass, for better for worse they say”.( Meanwhile, there’s no ring on her finger).

That wasn’t all, the guy was also always  sleeping with her and he  spent crazily  on her (and I’m not exaggerating CRAZILY), she was always changing her wardrobe(coco channel today Michael Kors tomorrow) and this made her feel obligated to him like she owed him that( gifts corrupt)  , so those things had to atone for the beatings. Then finally one day, she came to her senses , her beautiful skin couldn’t take it anymore. So she ended It all, i don’t know how but the good news is she did anyways.

There’s a quote from Mahatma Gandhi I love so much and it says “Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” And I think it’s very true, if we don’t give out chances things like this definitely won’t happen.Ladies should please take their stand and eliminate thoughts of rejection. Thoughts like ” once you leave him , you won’t find someone else ” is total fallacy .That’s a lie the devil is telling you himself, it’s not true , you’ll find an even better one.

It honestly breaks my heart when I hear stories about guys thrashing girls but now, the question is what exactly are the ladies themselves doing about it?
I know it’s difficult to run away most times (at least I’ve heard it’s difficult) , but have you even tried at all? Or are you just sitting back like this girl did ? waiting for him to change? ..Pls , if you think he’s ever going to change for you, please  abolish that thought  because nothing’s going to change him, not you, not anyone else(you are not the first he’s done it to, and you definitely won’t be the last)


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