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So the blog was offline for a while due to an upgrade but not to worry, we are back and here to stay *smiles. Anyways to today’s post i decided to do more of a relationship post  because I was reminiscing the perfect guy movie so bad why not blog about it I thought.

Before i begin have you seen the perfect guy movie directed by David Rosenthal. Michael Ealy was in the movie tho (so it’s a must watch)..
Anyways a brief summary of the movie: a career woman who seems to have it all has issues with her long-term boyfriend which leads to a break up and she becomes heartbroken until she meets a charming young man whom she thought was the perfect guy. Soon, the budding romance turns dangerous as he begins to unveil his volatile nature, and then Mr perfect guy wasn’t so perfect anymore .


When I ask people most times what their idea of a perfect guy is, i just end up changing the topic all because the list is too long . ‘He has to be Yoruba oh, beard gang, the money has to be there, he must always have my time , he must be hot and romantic, he should love me very well’. then they’d cap it up with he should sha know
I have no problem with all this it’s okay to wish but we have to be careful while wishing and choosing. So if a guy like this comes,we don’t just jump and assume he’s the Mr perfect …Stalkers can be very romantic , sweet ,nice in short. They are charmers,very good with words but then they go overboard with it.

Now how do we know if he’s a stalker (by the way, to be stalked isn’t a good thing at all oh just incase it sounds like a sweet word)

He’s totally a stalker if he constantly floods your inbox with text messages or he always sends a message on social media..Now don’t get me wrong, the nice guy would always want to hear from you and all just to know how you are doing..But the Stalker guy bugs you with messages; like you just ended the conversation and In 3 minutes he’s up again sending another ..Take notice
The stalker spies on you every chance he gets…When he starts telling you where you are everytime, don’t think he’s all romantic making sure you are fine o…’its a lie o, he’s stalking you ‘

If he constantly gets you your favorite things without you even telling him you loved them, before you start doing ‘Awww’ think! He could be a stalker
He doesn’t accept NO for an answer: when you tell him to stop contacting you and he doesn’t listen, watch out!

When you reject him, does he get all violent and aggressive? If he does, fast and pray for God to pursue every monitoring spirit in your life.
Now you know, so never mistake a stalker for Mr perfect don’t just rush into the relationship because he’s sweet, fine and all, BE CAREFUL.

Have you ever been stalked?
Did you Mistake Mr stalker for Mr perfect?


PS: Not only guys stalk, ladies could be stalkers too so don’t get it wrong as a matter of fact, they could be worse.

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  1. Fave says:

    Tbh I used to have my own idea of a perfect guy before, but lately I’ve gotten so close to this guy and now I know that the most important thing is the perfect guy knows how much to show his attention that it doesn’t become stalking, show so much love but not be obsessed and be caring at the same time.

    • Fave…Oh girl you’ve said it all and I totally agree with you..I think a nice guy could be all caring, nice and all but he could control it so it doesn’t make her feel like he’s stalking

  2. Naomi says:

    Okay, I know I can stalk for the nation
    I was on IG one time like this and I was checking out someone’s page before I knew it I’m liking his cousins friends uncle’s wife’s step nephews page. Lol.
    I remember when my friend even said, “please I’m looking for a guy,he goes to cu and his name his this, help me find out the rest” and I was like “mogbe”.
    And when I argued with my friend about her family’s friend birthday which I got and she failed .
    My point is it is quite fun until someone does it to you and you’ll realise how creepy it is.

  3. Folbie says:

    Kezzy, this is really nice

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