Style icon and fashion blogger: Akin Faminu

Style icon and fashion blogger: Akin Faminu

Gbemisoke Akinlade(I’m sure the name sounds familiar, yes she wrote about the relationships on the blog few weeks back) a partner and friend to kezzygrace had an interview with Style icon and fashion blogger: Akin Faminu (I know right  !! Same Akin) and she decided to share.







Akin Faminu sits opposite me in a typical but clean guy’s room wearing a black T-shirt that has a scrabble board as a central design on it, and sweatpants, looking effortlessly cool ? , drinking a strawberry yogurt, breathing…you know…regular stuff.

This isn’t the first time I’ve met Akin Faminu and it makes me happy to find him both relaxed and professional. Tonight, he is sharp, self-aware and lightly funny too.
The Style icon and fashion blogger: Akin Faminu, in his conversation  is witty, intelligent and basically, spot-on, a little formal too.

Gbemisoke Akinlade: Lol. This just feels awkward. I haven’t quite interviewed anybody before.
Akin Faminu: *laughs* it is not awkward at all. You’re the one trying to make it awkward.
GA: Ok ok. Let’s begin…

GA: So what’s your full name?

AF: Akinwunmi Faminu

GA: Emmanuel ?

AF: Yes, Emmanuel.

GA: Care to disclose your age?

(He doesn’t really care to but i guessed 28 and he adds 2, so, 30… not really though).

GA: So what inspired you to start blogging?

AF: Art. I used to draw and paint. Consequentially, the knowledge that art opened my mind to helped inspire the originality of my style alloys.

GA: Interesting. Do you think you’ll ever stop? Like when you’re really old and stuff…

AF: Impossible is nothing.*smiles*?

GA: How would you describe your style?

AF: Dapper, Detailed and Versatile but more dapper than any other?

GA: Does your job ever get boring?



AF: Never. I, genuinely, have fun when I’m working. Genuinely.

GA: Alright then. So you know how some celebrities (bloggers inclusive) act all friendly on social media but in “real life” just come across as mean, can you relate to this?

AF: Well… I think relativity is the issue here. People’s reactions are based on their moods which are in turn influenced by previous or current situations and so,  you cannot just conclude that these certain people are mean. It just might have been a case of bad timing at the moment. I mean, we’re only human.

GA: Hmm… I think I get it. Ever had a stalker? ?

AF: *laughs* why are you even asking that? Anyways, I wouldn’t tag anybody a stalker. The nature of my work is one that appeals to people, stirs emotions and amasses immense support but yes, people will occasionally do some peeving things but no, I wouldn’t say I’ve had a stalker.

GA:  Alright. Now, balancing school and work?

AF: Time management. You see this table and chair, they’re for when it’s time to read.

GA: Sweeeet! So the juicy stuff now…


AF: If you’re going to ask me whether i have a girlfriend i won’t answer you o.

GA:*smiles Okay Fine. What’s your ideal type of girl?

AF: *laughs* Good one. Okay… I don’t have a type really because i believe in spontaneity. Of course i appreciate beauty in a woman but ultimately, I’m Sapio-sexual. And no, i  don’t do the love at first sight thing.

(GA’s mind: you need to read some books, girl, study!)
GA: I suppose as a celebrity blogger, your relationship with the ladies has morphed a little….

AF: Yeah… I suppose there’s been a rise in attention ? *blushes*
GA: You enjoy it yeah?
AF: ……..

GA: Okay. So please tell me…you know how when you’re a celebrity, you got to act a certain way in public. Is this an issue for you? Like a bondage of some sort?

AF: It’s not that much different. I mean, I can say I’m properly behaved to a reasonable extent (lol). So it’s not really an issue for me.
GA: So when people get on your nerves…?

AF: Well, I usually try to overlook it or I just try to not react out of proportion.

GA: Alright. What are your plans for fashion after school?

AF: I don’t really use school as a defining factor for my work. Fashion (and blogging) is a continuous process and part of my life so there’s no “after-school” plan, there’s only a plan.

GA: Hmm… Cool. Now the usual stuff, what piece of advice would you give anyone who wants to do what you do?

AF: Don’t do what I do. But if you must, originality and passion are key. I can’t teach what I do to anyone because then, the “student” would end up living in my shadow and nobody wants that as it doesn’t help originality. Also, do not do anything because everybody is doing it, blogging for example. And ultimately, stay true to yourself.

GA: Deep…


And there we have it guys – Akin Faminu, the beautiful, young and smart medical student with two brothers and a dad and a mom ( I know! I was shocked too *wink*), a great affinity for privacy, high metabolism thingy (do not attempt to climb a staircase in competition with him), and a strangely low volume of voice; who just happens to be an award-winning fashion blogger on the weekends (not just the weekends but you get my point). And with his impeccable and intricately detailed style that endears him to the hearts of many, I like him, a lot. You should too.

Make sure you read our interview(here )with Prettyfaze too; another Medical student and blogger *smiles

Gbemisoke Akinlade

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