Hey lovelies!!!

I hope you had a wonderful yesterday just like I did?


So yesterday I went out on an excursion with my departmental mates to the Nigerian institute of international affairs VI( which was very educative)

Afterwards, we decided to go to Bogobiri in Maitama Sule street Lagos but somehow plans changed so we couldn’t go there .


Then we ( Well not we, because I’m aqua phobic) decided to check out the beach we tried la campagne Tropicana, Elegushi, Tarkwa bay and then Eleko beach (all on the island).We tried contacting some of them but we couldn’t, then we got through to the representatives of Eleko beach. We negotiated and bargained and they were okay with us coming in fact they were prepared to have us. (their customer care service is awesome) we were to pay 500 naira per head and it was so nice that 10 people didn’t have to pay because we were a large number (94) so we had a good discount. But then one of the big guys on the trip still thought 500 naira was too much because we were going to spend 42,000 naira just for gate fee and still get stuffs to eat. So he suggested a private beach that doesn’t have a name (lol) .


Anyways, we got there and paid 3k for everyone as gate fee instead of 42,000 naira .When we got in, most people including myself didn’t like the look of the place and it’s surroundings, so people( including myself ) kept insisting we go else  where but then the big guy who suggested the place and his friends succeeded in convincing us. Telling us how they had barbeque, delicious catfish pepper soup, and all sorts and because food was involved I thought about it again. So we finally decided to stay back , but because of my aqua phobic nature, while my friends were enjoying the waves and all, I just kept on staring sipping my juice, and  watching over everyone’s property. I couldn’t go close to the water because i was  too scared and because i had nothing to change to.( rule number 1; always bring an extra clothing to the beach). In the end i didn’t even get to eat anything because they had nothing good.
So we left , i got in the vehicle looking all upset. (but when you are small and loved by the big people ,things just work out your way..Lol) I kept complaining about how hungry I was till I got heard (I just wanted somewhere to eat).

Then finally we begged the driver to stop at PALMS so we could get food from shoprite. He agreed but promised to leave us after 20 minutes.
I got my food and other stuffs I wanted and got back to the bus within the time limit..
Okay,can we leave now ?
No!!! boys fell sick all of a sudden and started throwing up due to what they had eaten and we were trying to get them to be alright. We finally did but as we were about driving out, the devil came to fight  us again LOL.

The second bus driver hit the entrance pole of PALMS gate. But that wasn’t the climax o. There was a rumor that they asked  us to pay 700 thousand naira or we weren’t going to leave . (Where were we going to get that from ). Now you would have thought the driver would start apologizing right? But no! the ignorant man started yelling “do you know how much this young ones have spent shopping” I couldn’t even laugh, i was just amazed at his sense of humor. How much did we even spend compared to 700 thousand.(someone’s school fees )

Anyways ,God finally rescued us and we were freed !

Now one would think again that  we would all be tired by now  and just get some peace and quiet in the bus .Yeah?but no! The boys decided that was the time to dance and sing and play games. They sang so loud that a dead person could ressurect.

I was frustrated at this point because it was after 9 already and we were just going back to ogunstate (school) , i started praying silently,but in my distress and frustrations, it looked like the boys  were enjoying it all. (Never go out with so many guys).

I wouldn’t deny the fun but It was stressful. And we got to school finally after Lagos and Ogun state ‘s traffic by approximately 11pm.
It was indeed an adventurous day

Have you ever gone on an excursion ?
What was the experience like?

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  1. Teelzo says:

    Nice one grace. Lol…. It was fun tho…

  2. Jovi says:

    Hmm posting done pictures would be much more sweet

  3. Peace Okoye says:

    my own course lecturer stood in the middle of shoprite shouting our names one by one…
    “peace okoye!industrial physics hurry up”
    i wanted to enter the ground

  4. Peace Okoye says:

    our own course lecturer stood in the middle of shoprite and started shouting everybody’s name one by one. inay loud voice o.
    “peace okoye! industrial physics hurry up”
    i wanted to enter the ground

  5. Sue says:

    Your #1 fan is back! Forgive me for not reading the blogs recently…been really busy?. Grayt job!

  6. olamide says:

    Lol it was a fun place tho…we al hrd fun…xori itz kmein la8 buh I jxt checked out ur blog…itz reli kul nd m luvin it

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