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.Chill why shouldn’t i be?? We had the opportunity to interview this amazing personality.  If  you love fashion i mean if  you really do love fashion, you would love ‘ pretty faze’ in person of Bukola Ogunyemi.

.So where are our Fashion/style lovers at?

The first time i saw Prettyfaze was in secondary school(we attended same secondary school) she was way ahead of me (obviously). But then what really attracted me to her  was her Charisma along sides her pretty face, very reserved and unlike the others you would never hear people talk bad about her .

Anyways, let’s get to meet the Girl behind the prettyfaze, total definition of beauty with brains..Now don’t go anywhere, take your time and read to the end!!!!

(it’s an interesting one)


KEZZYGRACE: ‘Prettyfaze’ happens to be more popular than your name ‘Bukola’ how exactly did the name come up?

PRETTYFAZE: To be very honest i can’t really remember who started calling me that. A friend of mine started calling me that in secondary school & i also liked the name. On social media it might be more popular than Bukola but i also think everyone that knows prettyfaze knows i’m Bukky.

KEZZYGRACE: Is there something you wish you had done differently starting out your blogging career?

PRETTYFAZE: There’s nothing i wish i had done differently in my blogging career because i believe life is in stages and there’s room to grow so however i started is part of the growth and there’s no room for regrets.

KEZZYGRACE: What’s your biggest challenge as a doctor and fashion blogger?

PRETTYFAZE:My biggest challenge presently is time. Since i got to Nigeria and started house job, it’s been really stressful combining blogging and my work as a Doctor together. Sometimes i get off work 4pm and get stuck in traffic by the time I’m getting home all i want to do is eat & sleep which makes me not even feel like working on my blog. But one thing is no matter how tired i am the passion i have for blogging keeps me going.

KEZZYGRACE: I know that you spent some years in Ukraine studying medicine. So how did you start out a blogger?

PRETTYFAZE: I started blogging in my 5th year people inspired me to start blogging. Back in the university , i started winning fashionista of the year amongst Nigerian students from my third year and also won the most fashionable international student in my 5th year. I really enjoyed shopping back in school well i still do and also find it very easy to put outfits & colors together. I used to get lots of messages on Instagram on where i get my outfits from and used to give some style tips via DM. As a matter of fact, one of my followers on IG and some of my friends brought up the idea and i started thinking about it. Something in me really wanted to start blogging too because i saw it as an avenue to reach out to so many people especially those who couldn’t message me personally. Since i was also into Instagram then and posting all my outfits i  just saw my blog as a better opportunity.

KEZZYGRACE: A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are interested in making money from the blog?

PRETTYFAZE: Trust me making money from blogging is not easy. Blogging itself is not easy. It requires passion which drives you beyond your comfort zone, it requires hard work and lots more. If you wanna make money online, you have to follow people and learn from people that inspire you. You have to build your brand well and be consistent which is key, you have to put out great content there which will make brands take you seriously, you have to be honest with your readers & yourself and finally, you have to be patient. Money won’t start coming in immediately it might even start coming in 2/3/4 years after you start blogging. You can make money from doing honest reviews of of products, you can also make money by being an influencer and lots more.

KEZZYGRACE: I totally agree with you on that one. Anyways, what would you say is your greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger?

PRETTYFAZE: The greatest satisfaction of being a fashion blogger is seeing that my hard work is noticed and appreciated. I am satisfied as a blogger when I am contacted by amazing brands who want to work with me. The positive feedback i receive from my readers is also a great satisfaction for me and also when people message to say Bukky you inspired this look.

KEZZYGRACE: What would you say  is your biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

PRETTYFAZE: In fashion blogging, I’ll say there’s more than one challenge so i don’t really see one as the biggest. Let me just list some of them here
* lack of resources (photographer factor, financial factor and time factor)
*Getting contacted by brands who want you to talk about their brands for free/ brands who don’t appreciate the importance of bloggers
*competition & a space that’s overloaded

KEZZYGRACE:  Let’s ease the tension a bit this interview is beginning to sound too formal (lol). So What’s your guilty pleasure?

PRETTYFAZE: My guilty pleasure is taking too many selfies

KEZZYGRACE: What’s the one thing you’d let yourself splurge on?

PRETTYFAZE: More than one thing gosh!
High End designer shoes,bags & perfumes
Vacation to any dream destination of my choice starting from the flight, hotel and stay there generally.

KEZZYGRACE: Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.

PRETTYFAZE: Favorite Fashion Designers : Michael Kors, Coco Channel, Zara
Fashion Writers: Akin Faminu, J’adoreFashion, Stylepantry
Stylists: Olivier Rousteing, Harvellastyles,
Photographers: Avangard Photography, Ty Bello, George Okoro

KEZZYGRACE: Let me ask quickly. What’s your take on intertribal marriage

PRETTYFAZE:Really i don’t think it should be an issue. If the two people involved really love each other they would definitely fight to be in the marriage. The most important thing is also the will of God so if it’s his will, the two tribes involved will end up together.

KEZZYGRACE: What is one thing your readers would be surprised to hear?

PRETTYFAZE: I’m an Introvert

KEZZYGRACE: Where do you tend to buy your clothes, and why?

PRETTYFAZE: Anywhere i find my kind of clothing. Places that suit my style, price friendly and have quality/amazing pieces
Zara, H&m, ShopMaju, Forever21, Reserved and some random stores.

KEZZYGRACE: How’s life as a young Doctor in Nigeria?

PRETTYFAZE: Life as a young Doctor in Nigeria is challenging! Stressful! And sometimes not encouraging but despite all these things, the passion for medicine, the grace and strength of God keeps me moving so i have every reason to be thankful.

KEZZYGRACE: What’s your easy to go kind of outfit?

PRETTYFAZE: A T-shirt, jeans and sneakers or a shift dress with sneakers/mules

KEZZYGRACE: What song would get you off your feet anytime any day?

PRETTYFAZE:No song (lol )not really a fan of music there’s really no song i love in particular.

KEZZYGRACE: LOL!!. How do you measure success?
PRETTYFAZE: To me, the measure of success isn’t about my income or job title but it’s about being true to myself, fulfilling my true purpose on earth according to Gods will for my life.

I don’t know about you but that was a beautiful one and i think i would take that last word of advise;

Be true to yourself

-And Fulfill your purpose on earth!!!

-Love God and please him alone

(i added that )


Thank you very  much Bukky!!!!!!! You can also visit Bukky’s blog at



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