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The thought of Friday coming gives me that joy  i can’t explain . Anyways, i  hope your week is going well ??

     My Tuesday was so  disappointing that i can’t help but share

   On that fateful day oh, after 3 straight classes and after the sun frustrated me, I was famished and then I started craving ice cream. So I decided to walk downtown to the ice cream shop. On getting there the woman said the ice cream was too watery so she had to work on the machine and stuff to solidify it. On a normal day, I would have just walked off but this craving was too strong. So i chilled a bit, the woman was wasting time and i was getting shy of just standing outside alone but I didn’t give up . I was still there waiting for the BAM cream(i just couldn’t wait). Then finally it was ready, so I got a cup,a bigger cup unlike the usual though it wasn’t  expensive but at least it was my money. Anyways, I collected a  spoon and left eagerly for my cravings to be killed (i even thanked the woman sef).
And then the first scoop just had to kill me not a good kind of kill o but the poison kind of kill. I thought the spoon was dirty and that was why it was tasting that way, so i trashed it hoping that was the problem. BUT NO ,it wasn’t,  i drank it from the cup and it was the same, the aftermath taste was like medicine, the taste could make you never take ice-cream for life. I screamed out of anger ,

my #150 naira cannot waste oh’ . I drank again but i couldn’t hold it, i finally trashed it but then i was so pained, that moment  i made up my mind never to buy from that shop again.

What’s your favorite ice-cream shop and where? Because I think the craving hasn’t died yet

Feel free to drop a comment(it means a lot to me)


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  1. Smute says:

    Nicely ??

  2. Gbemisoke says:

    It’s just #150. You’ll be fine ?

  3. Isaac Aigbadumah says:

    Lol, must have really hurt

  4. Ghost says:

    Lol….hilarious….while not dash dwn to the nearest Cold Stone ????

  5. Ghost says:

    Lol….hilarious…..while dash down to the nearest Cold Stone ???

  6. Aaron says:

    Ice-Cream Factory, Lekki. Cookies and Cream ??. It’s too on point ?

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