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It’s Mondayyyyy and I’m loving the week already(I’m too excited) i hope you are too?…Today’s post is on relationship. (I hope you enjoy it).

The word ‘love’ has been abused so much that we don’t even know what the  true meaning of the word is anymore. I got a relationship story and  i thought to share; it totally isn’t love .


So. That’s how I started talking to Taiwoo on Facebook, first he sent a message and i never replied. Then another, and i started talking to him. Calls,  i mean  calls. 30mins. He would recharge again, you know that is how it usually starts. Long conversations and then you’d get this good ticklish feeling in your tummy…

He was in school, so we hadn’t seen each other then but the calls continued, One thing I noticed  was that sex conversations usually got him very  happy… I mean, for him to be active and lively talk about sex and you’ve won his heart. Wrong yes? I should have gone away? Yes.. But he was also fun and entertaining…
Well, we were supposed to meet on my birthday but he cancelled another warning? I mean when a guy cancels out on you, it’s  a very bad thing… As a girl, get a guy who would cancel his plans just to be with you. Sounds wrong?! But it’s  the truth..

So, we didn’t see.. Long story short, he graduated from bells. We met and guess what ??the very first meeting was make out related. Bad yeah? And he hadn’t asked me out then o. When I found out he wanted this to be all pleasure I gave him space… He got wiser and asked…

Well, two months into the relationship you  hear stories like “I care about you and sh**, and i really need this.. I am cool, if you won’t though”…(then you’d feel bad and give in)
Well, it became a pestering topic. What If, I get pregnant I was asking him and guess what he said ‘ABORTION’... Now, that was some heartless reply I thought but then me being me decided to forget all about it.
So he broke up,well it was all for the best. I mean he wanted a relationship that would  result to trusting hiking enough to have sex…

Now, I’m hurt but not hurt.

Hurt because I knew, honestly I knew better but i still flowed in. it’s  not even like I love him like that, but he kept on saying “I love you” and I just loved the feeling.But truthfully, that line is annoying  it sounds like a rhyme already. And it almost means nothing  to some guys.. (don’t get me wrong though, some girls could be evil too).

But after this experience, if he comes back begging am i supposed to listen to him and give him a chance again to see if he changes??

Right now, i don’t want to get committed to anyone!.

What do you all think??

Have you been hurt by a guy or girl before?

How did you heal up?

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This Article Has 9 Comments
  1. Onaopemipo says:

    Taiwo issa perv
    Taiwo issa fuckboy
    Please don’t be like Taiwo ??

  2. olamide says:

    Itz obviouz he didn’t evn luv u he jxt wanted d plesure…fucked boy***

  3. The guy na sharp shooter…..

  4. Owo's says:

    Hmmmm…was once like this guy. Yesss!! Tawio is perv and only wanted pleasure. All he talked about was sex, sex, sex. Probably because he wasn’t wise to see the difference between love and pleasure. But people change and think back to how it would have been different if they acknowledged their faults. And I’m sure Taiwo would have changed very much by now. And I’m sure he would have loved to continue his relationship with u if given the chance once more. Better still, be best of friends with u.

  5. Tobiloba says:

    Well, he’s literally all the bad names in the previous comments but he might also be a scaredy cat who is scared of commitments(Like me). Regardless of this, it’s no excuse to play someone’s heart. If you’re not ready for commitments, just stay away from relationships if you truly have a conscience(Lol…Me).

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