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The blog is back and i know you noticed a huge difference. I wanted the blog to take a different shape and i’m loving this new design(i know you are loving it too) All thanks to my big brother Emma Olu-Akinyemi for making this possible (??)and my creative web designers Uyiosa and Hassan Salami (I’m very sorry for the stress I put you two through) You can reach either of them via their phone numbers: Hassan (+2348141256846) , Uyiosa (+2347068133176) Trust me they are amazing! Thank you too Darbie for being a good friend and assistant, you make all this worth it. And oh yes  this post is ABOUT ME;16 SMASHING FACTS ABOUT ME

And just because of the excitement in our hearts and because of how much we love and have  missed you all, Darbie and I would be giving out two pairs of curbain kurt glasses. So make sure you read this post to the end to know how to win it.

Anyways i’ve decided to chill out and do a more exciting post .So i thought of this ’16 smashing facts about me’.

P.S :I decided to do this post for you all to get to know me better and then to re-assure myself that i’m a rare gem(we should always remind ourselves that).  I really hope you enjoy this.




If you’ve read my about me page here you already know a little bit about me. So no need for long talks right?


Anyways, my name is Kezia (it is my real name), well my mom named me Kezia, while my Dad named me Grace. Family, friends and close affliations call me kezzy or Kezia. I didn’t like being called Kezia in high-school because people never got it right. A family friend of mine used to call me geisha when he was younger*sobs*.Teachers pronounced it in their different tongues. So  i just tell people my name is Grace to avoid long stories. But I love kezzy


I take family and friends too seriously like i could literally kill if you take my father, siblings or my friends for granted(Now, that is a major fact about me)


Like i’m not sure but i think i’m 5 ft 6 . I can’t remember but then i’m really cute like petite kinda cute. LOL


Speaking of heights! i am acrophobic. I’m not sure if it’s because i’m too close to the ground(lol). But i’m scared of everything non human that’s taller than me(roller-coasters, elevators). And oh dear Escalators frighten me. If you haven’t noticed. Watch me, i’d rather take the stairs.


I think i’m sapio-sexual. Well the first time i legit heard this word was from our interview with Akin Faminu  ( here )I checked up the meaning (you should too*hehe) and i was like wow i think i am too. Like just be a  smart guy and you have won like 5% of my heart.Well, i also admire intelligent,ambitious and smart women too.


If you know me you’d know i hate moving vehicles like my greatest fear is crossing the road. And that’s probably the only thing hindering me from learning how to drive except from the fact that my dad hasn’t given me  go ahead.


My favorite color is black. I love everything black oh dear I have a thing for dark chocolate skinny tall guys!…. Give me everything  black except cars, and phone cases and I’ll love you forever. I remember my 17th birthday in school, i ordered for a black cake. And as a typical  Yoruba caterer the woman thought i was a member of one cult(lol).


And no i do not have a favorite food but i’m  not a fan of boiled eggs, yam, beans, potato, coconut rice,semovita,…Let’s end it here please.


If there’s anything i wish for right now, it’s to graduate with an excellent grade, get a good job, travel twice a year with my family and live a life according to God’s standards.  Because I really do want to see my mom again.


Speaking about jobs, sometime soon I hope to work with the UN, or in an embassy or even an airline holding high ranked positions of course. So you can hook this girl up if you have connections or you have plans to help me get there. I’m smart o don’t try me.LOL(let me sell my self)


I’m very emotional. Things people don’t expect should hurt me actually do; actions and words especially.


Well, I have quite a few mentors; I love Olusegun Obasanjo and coincidentally we share same birthdays there’s just something about his charisma i love so much, and i really do want to have an interview with him. Wole  Soyinka is an intelligent man and trust me i respect him a lot too. Pastor Olumuyiwa  Omotoyinbo is also someone of great integrity i admire. Just in case you all wanted to know .


I was born on the 5th of March


I don’t think I’m yet to find what i hate more than abbreviations that are not even abbreviated reasonably. For instance; ‘m in my hauz’, ‘ I loff u’. It turns me off, it pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!..What would  it take to add ‘A’ to ‘Am’…I don’t want to get angry let’s just stop.(lol).



And oh no! I do not have a boyfriend. Don’t ask me why(my response would scare you).




And finally the 16th!! *Drumroll!!!!!*

I love good books;i’m  a great fan of Chimamanda. But trust me i’m no feminist,i don’t quite agree with the ideology.(Another smashing fact!!!!!)



The smashing facts!!!1

I used to think i knew me till i compiled this list?.

Anyways, if you’ve always wanted to ask me a question, or questions here’s your opportunity to do so just drop your comments below and i’ll do my best to answer(smiles)

Now for  our Giveaway.



As earlier mentioned  Darbie and i would be giving out  two pairs of Kurt  Curbain glasses. All you have to do is subscribe to our blog and follow her design page on instagram @Darbie_design, comment ‘DONE’ on her last uploaded post .And the winners would be chosen via the Random picker app..We’d be expecting you. Make sure you subscribe to the blog for eligibility.

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  1. Layefa_og says:

    Madam, you should be like 5 ft 3……..5 ft 6 Kor😏

  2. Funke olotu says:

    Your skin! Arghh.. You’re beautiful dear,
    I also take my family too seriously likeeee, don’t play with them. The only reason I don’t have a favorite food is because I eat everything, I love adichie also.

  3. Chiemela Ikwuegbu-Daysman says:

    Macbruce baby, u are quite close to the ground and finally someone else who’s a female and not exactly hyped about being a feminist

    • And this beautiful lady finally got to read my blog ..yaaaayyyy!!..
      And OMG! You didn’t just say i was close to the ground did you??..Typo abi?
      And no i don’t quite agree with the feminism ideology.

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