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i’m very sorry this post is coming late it wasn’t meant to be,  Glo didn’t want me to be great and my school’s Wifi too didn’t help matters but somehow my God fought my battle (LOL) .Anyways, today’s post basically is about the struggle when you are broke and 5 ways to survive when you are broke.

Have you Read ARESE UGWU’S  SMART MONEY WOMAN BOOK? (if you haven’t, you should its too lit to ignore).  Have you ever wondered why you are always broke? Why you get your alert this week and in like 2-3 weeks you are already  broke especially for students like myself?.Well, i think i have a few  answers to those questions.

You know how excited you always are when you resume and your bank account is smiling widely and then instead of you to just buy bottled water and food and go to the hostel jeje ,NO OH  YOU WONT , instead your account would be deceiving you reminding you how rich you are, so you call your friends and sponsor all of them as per YMCMB.,( Well, that’s how you get broke) Then after two weeks when you see people buying bottled water and  you cannot afford it you’ll now start sharing scientific facts on how sachet water is better than bottled water, just because you are broke( i know you can relate , you sure can). You know how it is when you first resume na how you eat in the biggest restaurants on campus, you order fried rice , chicken, hollandia yoghurt , and  then , you even take some back to the hostel to show off. But then after 2 weeks you appreciate 50 naira when you see it because it can at least buy moimoi, then you take it with garri, and then when they ask you why you are having that for dinner, you start preaching  to them  the importance of cassava in the body( But deep down you know you really don’t care about that you are just broke). You cant even sing that Davidos  thirty billion for the account song!, even your conscience would judge you because issalie.

So today i’ll be giving out 5 steps on how to survive when you are broke. Lets do this

 THE FIRST STEP IS SELF CONTROL: There’s this temptation that comes when you are  broke, you just start craving for really nice things that you cannot afford and then people start bringing nice stuffs for sale and you are tempted to really buy  but there and then  again a voice  from heaven  whispers to you what your bank account is reading. But most times, we give in to this temptation and then go into debts , and that’s the wrongest thing to do.  When you can’t afford stuffs at a particular moment, get your eyes off it and speak some words of wisdom to yourself, LEARN TO CONTROL YOURSELF.

. LEARN TO SAY NO: Now, i’m not saying you should shout or pour out your anger and frustrations of being broke  at whoever comes to sell things to you o, No oh don’t get me wrong, that’s not what i’m saying. Yes, learn to say NO but also learn how  to say it  NICELY. If someone brings something to you and you cant afford it tell them something like ‘ This is really pretty and i wish i could get it but right now,i can’t  maybe some other time’ . That should do.

.HAVE A BUDGET: Whenever i’m broke, i’m like the best of all accountants, i write on my note pad what i plan to  use the money left with me for and i try my best to follow it, if not i would just go hungry. So draft out a plan, have a budget  on how you intend to spend the money with you. Don’t spend on unnecessary things, identify your pressing needs and cut down the irrelevant ones (opportunity cost).

.DON’T PRETEND TO HAVE :Yes o don’t pretend to have, don’t be ashamed, let your friends know that you cant go out for launch with them because you cant afford it . When you act like you have ,they tend to judge you this way  and because you’ve acted that why you wont want to embarrass yourself. So when they say kezzy let’s buy this na , let’s buy that, you go ahead and buy even when you know you don’t really have much and its out of your plan. Don’t pretend to have , be truthful to yourself.

LASTLY,  MAKE DO WITH YOUR AVAILABLE RESOURCES: I know you are wondering exactly what i mean abi, don’t worry, i’ll explain . It’s simple, improvise. When you are broke, you have to make do with what you have .If you are thirsty and you take bottled water on a normal day, but now we both know that would be too expensive for you(how many times would you get bottled water a week?), why not get sachet water instead. Do you get me, it all boils down to self control, the most important of it all.

Nobody likes being associated with a broke person, you don’t have to be Aliko Dangote to start managing your funds, START NOW.

ARESE UGWU in her book said ‘most people don’t know where the money they earn goes’.

What do you spend your allowance  or income on?

Have you ever been broke?, how did you survive ?

Feel free to share, and drop your comments too ( they mean a lot to me ), also let me know if these tips were  useful





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  1. Da_skirtgirl says:

    Thanks for the post. Well, I feel if we learn to live within our means we wont get broke easily…… I’ve been wondering where all my money has been going recently….been spending more than what is entering my account sef. #sad
    But I am learning to live on a budget. Thanks again.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I think d topic should be five ways to avoid being broke..

  4. Aaron says:

    I’ll try this the next time I’m broke. Thanks for the post. ?

  5. Susan Olofin says:

    This soooo applies to me mehn. Thanks love

  6. Gbemisoke says:

    I totally needed this Macbruce. You have no idea ?

  7. Peace says:

    Lol so relatable and very helpful too
    Good one

  8. Blessing says:

    True talk Grace
    You are going places

  9. Ope says:

    nice one kezzy

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