I finally get to do a restaurant review.(Thank God with me ).These days man’s been so hot that there’s been almost no time to blog.But i’m right here in one corner  (if you know you know)challenging myself for the future. (No time for cookie challenge the future has to be hot.You feeling me??)

I’ve been/eaten at black bells so much that not writting a review wouldn’t be fair on my path and theirs too.

The first time i had lunch at black bells was with my sisters and my brother who i talked about here in my previous post. Anyways, after that day i knew that just had to be my  go to always restaurant.(most of the times i go i don’t even pay myself).

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I’ve visited some really good restaurants. But, Blackbell is really awesome. And i’m not just saying that  because i want them to be happy.(Besides,this isn’t even a sponsored post)I’m saying it because it’s the truth. Their customer service is 100, I mean they treat their customers so well, sometimes it makes we wonder if they all had a training and were threatened if they don’t go by it, they would probably be fired or something (just saying).And that really attracted and still attracts  me to them.Because i have a big problem with Nigerians and their customer service;They have a way of just annoying you , properly trained to disgust their customers. And we really need to work on that.

But  in Blackbells, customers are treated with so much respect and love. If you doubt me, go ahead and see for yourself.

ADDRESS: Lekki phase one off Admiralty way(just before Coldstone).

Their food is so tasty that you almost won’t stop at a plate and who says you have to stop at one??. When their food is very affordable.


If you visit a restaurant and you don’t get treated well, why go there again?..If after spending my own money to get food from your restaurant and all i get from you for  a thank you is bad attitude from your staff, i’ll never return again because of course attitude is everything!.

In Black bell, the ambience is really awesome, cozy and good hospitality from Staff.

P.S : Upstairs is a lounge (you get to meet fine celebrities*winks)


Blackbell restaurant

The lounge




Blackbell restaurant review,Lagos restaurant ,Lekki restaurant

The lounge



They also have a rate card to access their performance,i honestly haven’t filled it before because i’ve not had any reason to.Hopefully i never do because if i get to….

( i rest my case.) *what can i even do??*



I wish i had a picture of what i had my first time and even  thereafter (i don’t know where they all went). Anyways,as i mentioned earlier,  their food is really affordable and and trust me it’s filling too.

I have a price list for my favorite blackbell meals (you could try them out sometime too).

Egg fried rice- N900
Shrimp jollof rice- N850
Special fried rice- N950

(Very affordable. Right?…I thought so too)

The only issue i have is with their drinks i think its a little bit too expensive.I mean small bottled eva water is N500. I should probably take water from my house next time and drink my water when i get there, and save man some extra N500(LOL).But seriously, it could be discounted. Asides that i think everything else is fair enough.

P.S : Birthdays are also be celebrated at blackbells(just in case you were wondering).



They have a pastry corner too.


Blackbell Restaurant review, Lekki restaurant

Blackbell pastry corner


You all should try visiting them sometime.

                                                 You can also find them on instagram :Blackbell_ng

Have you been to Blackbells before? What was the food like?

What’s your favorite restaurant in Lagos?

What’s your go to meal when you visit a restaurant? (RICE!?!?)






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  1. Taiwo says:

    Hi Kezzy, great write up on the blackbell restaurant. A nice restaurant tho, hope to visit sometime. Cheers.

  2. Olamide says:

    Macbruce is nw vry fine😊😊😊

  3. Wow.. I think this would be a great place to visit. I am not into restaurants but with the price tag and the ambience you just described I think it would be worth giving black bell restaurant a try

  4. Lara says:

    would love to visit this place!

  5. Labakeany says:

    I love to take pictures there 🙈. Hmmm shrimps, now I am craving sea food.

  6. Seky says:

    Hey Kezzy. I enjoyed reading this. I should probably visit too since my birthday is just around the corner. Plus you take amazing pictures.

  7. Ife says:

    For all your hard work, you have been selected to receive the Blogger Recognition Award! Check out your mention here: and please pay it forward to the next group of bloggers! Congratulations!

  8. Fav says:

    I’ll probably go with you 😁

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