Hi lovelies!
so here I am  with my first official food post .
I really wasn’t sure what to put up, but then I decided anything would do, it’s something  I love with all of my heart, something that I live for.
I am the biggest foodie I know, it doesn’t show on me but trust me I am a very very big foodie. so yeah what is it about food? I mean everybody loves food, I haven’t met one person that doesn’t like food and if there is indeed someone out there that does not like food, I’m sorry but we definitely cannot be friends; absolutely not . But yeah, anyway back to the topic of the day I really just wanna talk about the food we eat and  what exactly  is in our  food. I know we all want to walk into dominoes and order an extra large pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese, or go to KFC and order a 21pc bucket chicken and shove it down our throats ; I know I want too (winks). Just thinking about it makes me happy, but the question is what really is in the food we eat?

photo credit:( Tomisin and Damilola Adeyemi)

I don’t want to be a buzzkill or anything and tell you not to go to dominoes because there’s food at home. But instead of giving into fast food pleasures and pumping a bunch of unhealty carbs and sugar into your system why not try something new at home and play around with your taste buds.
Recently, I’ve been inspired to try out different food combos the usual is getting boring.. Why have just white rice with sauce or stew alone when you could have it along sides veggies or just noodles and eggs? Make food an adventure , try noodles with bread, eggs and sardines and watch how it takes you to realm you wouldn’t want to leave.

Later in the future, I’ll write about some food combos you just have to try out.I love fried rice and jollof rice with boiled fish by the way. (there’s just something about that combo )












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