Ghana Jollof Or Nigerian Jollof

When it comes to this Ghana/Nigeria jollof thing ehn , the argument just never ends . I could be a bit biased because you know I’ve got both blood running through my vein LOL. But as a child of God I want to be honest today and not take sides

Nigerian Jollof

Nigerian Jollof (Photo Credit goes to the original owners )

I was in Ghana in January for a conference organized my Ghanaians ( of course) anyways, to my surprise( well I wasn’t that surprised ) but Nigerians dominated the place. Along the line we had a rehearsal for a section (which was like a debate) and the topic raised was ‘Ghana Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof which is more tasty’?..(and right there I knew world war III was about to start).

Ghana Jollof

Ghana Jollof (Photo Credit goes to the original owners )

The argument was unending o , and trust Nigerians they wouldn’t just let it go.( I sha claimed to be Nigerian that night , I cannot loose).


Anyways, fast forward to Lunch, on the menu was ‘GHANA JOLLOF’ with so much anticipation, Nigerians rushed for it (but then they had something to say sha), Though it was spicy and had quite a lot of vegetables in it, I still found it tasty. (Let’s give Ghanians some credit please ).
Yes Naija jollof is very tasty but we need to understand that these two countries use two different type of rice , so definitely it can’t taste the same asides that, I think it depends on the cook or where you eat because sometimes in some places even the ‘ALMIGHTY NAIJA JOLLOF’ doesn’t taste so good . I’ve tasted Ghana jollof in different places and their tastes differ(of course) same with Naija jollof. So I think we should let each country be .
By the way , I hear Senegalese say their jollof rice is better.
( Adults are talking, babies too want to talk ) LOL

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