Heels Will Take You Higher

(Photo Credit goes to original owners )

Hey lovelies!

So this post today is dedicated to pretty short girls like myself.

We’ve had our struggles in this wicked world but each day we just come out strong and more determined not to eat beans (LOL). When I was 9 my younger sister looked like she was three years older than me(but i’m a year older) and when visitors came visiting, they just assumed she was older and  I honestly never got offended but what always annoyed  me was when my mom tried to explain to them how me not eating beans was affecting my height ..(I still cannot comprehend the relationship )

(Photo Credit goes to original owners )

 (Photo Credit goes to original owners )

I’ve always had a small body and when I get to meet new people they always look at me like I’m twelve and sometimes I get really angry and other times I just laugh it off  .Some people just want to make you feel bad on purpose , you might  be in the middle of a very good conversation and they go ‘you know you are very  small’ (like they  actually have the guts to add ‘very’) and I’m like what does that even have to do with anything ( and I know girls my height can relate , by the way I’m a 4”9).

But honestly, I think petite girls are like all shades of cute( and I bet guys can testify to this too).  Growing up, I was always scared of heights(I still am) and I thought wearing heels was a bad idea , but then I starting maturing and i got wiser , so I decided to give it a shot. Though I’m still a little bit scared (but I’m better). Anyways, I noticed whenever I wore them (heels), everything felt different (though i don’t wear them often) ,I looked more mature, It seemed liked it took me higher(well, yeah it did literally.LOL). And then, there’s this smart look it gives you and a bit of poise it adds to your walking posture making you look more elegant and stylish. (that is if of course, the heels are comfy).

By the way I love opened  toe pencil heels and i think stilettos are life





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