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Another late post, i’m sincerely sorry for.(i’m still trying to be a chameleon and fit in)


Anyways, today’s post is about the most important food items for students. If you are a student, you’d know that everyday isn’t Christmas when it comes to how we eat and spend. Sometimes we eat out and other times provisions save lives.

so here’s my own list of must have foods  as a student



GARRI : Student that does not have garri or has never taken garri before, is that one a student?.. When all fails, we know garri won’t ( saving lives since the ’80s).I can forget to buy books for school, but not garri. ( realest G)


BREAD: There’s just something about Bread that i can’t explain,i can’t just do without it. It goes with just anything; bread and beans, bread and eggs, bread and tea, bread and butter. You name it!


GROUNDNUT AND SUGAR : Garri’s bestfriend,.. Oh step it all down with ice water and see how your life story would change.


CEREALS: The only one we run to when we have 7’oclock classes and then hunger decides to punish you. If you don’t have any type of cereal on your list , you should drop out  of school.(LOL)


MILK : There was a time i thought i was lactose intolerant, i almost gave up on life (LOL). Like whats anything without a land flowing with milk?it should have been my number one sef.


NOODLES: The importance of noodles cannot be over-emphasized, I’m a witness of its goodness, bringing smiles to an hungry soul.. Not only is it neccessary  to have noodles saved up somewhere, it is a MUST HAVE!


BISCUITS : Biscuits definitely has to be on my list. Love me some crackers anytime any day.


If you have these in your locker , trust me, your school life wouldn’t be a hard one



What’s your own must have food as a student?

What other  food should have been on this list?



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  1. Susan Olofin says:

    Plantain chips mehn!! Or pretty much any kind of chips…? Necessity…

  2. Anonymous says:

    he dat has all dese in his or her locker after 2 weeks of resumption is either a rich man’s child or a very stingy student

  3. Mfon etok says:

    Aww grace very true?

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