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So this post came later than usual and i apologize again.

I got a lot of request to post something about natural hair care and stuff but I didn’t know how to go about it .But here it is anyways.
To you ladies still thinking if or not to transition and those who are already in the family, this is for you; a tip on how I take care of my hair. I hope it’s helpful..

I transitioned last year January, so my hair is a year already and a few months (yaaay).Transitioning was a bit difficult I must say but all you need is patience and good hair treatment.

Along the line my aunt gave me some set of products which I’m still thankful for. While transitioning, i made sure my hair had lots of water i.e i washed it often and oiled and the water moisturized my hair.I got a spray bottle too and mixed my leave in conditioner in it; oil (coconut oil) and Shea butter (cream) which we call LOC method and i sprayed everyday..
Long story short, I cut off the relaxed part and continued with my method till I finally transitioned..

When I fully transitioned , I did more protective styles,(I still do) like braids and crochet styles , other times I just wear my fro. I fixed weaves less and for the braids I made sure my hairdresser reduced the stress on my edges. I also used shea butter for the edges too and combed less. When i wash my hair i use this product called ‘Queen helene shampoo and conditioner’ which is totally sulphate free (I recommend). Also avoid heat as much as possible. Air drying your hair is best after washing.
Later on my aunt got me Cantu leave in conditioner , deep conditioner (i deep condition twice a month)and a spray I used after making a protective style. My L.O.C and i saw a great improvement in my growth … I also recommend a satin bonnet


So basically this is how I care for my hair and I must say, the baby girl is really growing..


You can also share your transition story
How do you care for your hair????
What products do you use and would you recommend?

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  1. Ruthie says:

    I have the world slowest hair growth but thanks for the tips, i’ll try them all and hope to share my hair growth success story later?

  2. Onaopemipo says:

    Go Kezy, go kezy, go….. ?

  3. Emo_hart says:

    I think I’d transition

  4. Ennyfard says:

    @emo_harts I’d join you
    Love Love the blog??

  5. Olaitan says:

    Mine’s being ungrateful.
    Love the blog??

  6. Fave says:

    when I was keeping low cut, my hair used to grow so fast then I relaxed it and it remained stagnant for months. I started transitioning sometime in 2014, sometimes I can’t notice the hair growth. it was slow at first because I was in boarding school, but now that I psy more attention to it, its fluffy and full and quite long. most people think keeping an afro is a waste of time but tbh Ilike it and ideky

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