So while the blog was offline, I spent more time with school work, made some more research on blogging and also stalked my favorite bloggers. And I must admit, I was thrilled at how creative and super talented these people are..

Anyways,this is  my blog- list


The happened to be my favorite site this past week like I literally ran to the site when I needed basic information on certain things especially in relations with blogging..And guess what, they connect bloggers all around together, awesome blog I must say


Even God knows I spent more time on this blog than I did on my books, like why wouldn’t I? I learnt so much about life,blogging and i got to partake in a giveaway I couldnt just leave the site without subscribing..Awesome blog kachi

This blog just gives me so much vibe i honestly can’t explain why or how but there’s something about sisyemmie’s blog that keeps me coming back , I just can’t help it.


What exactly got  me attracted to this blog wasn’t  just the blog design or the contents alone but the person behind the blog , her style , her voice everything just seems right.I stalked this blog and i never left the site without learning something. Hey Sarah Keep it up!


I don’t know if i like this blog just because the person behind the keyboard is a young person like me or because he’s so passionate in what he does.Either way, i find this blog very interesting and so relatable to our everyday life and the fact that Vincent is a student managing his blog very well and academics too is very intriguing and puts me on my toes letting me know I can do it also …It’s indeed an Awesome blog..

So yes!

My Top 5 lifestyle bloggers

This people inspire me and they indeed are very creative and passion driven in what they do and i think that’s exactly how we can achieve anything we want in life.

Don’t forget to visit any of the blogs and subscribe too and let me know what you think of them also!!!

Do you know any of this bloggers?

What do you think of their blogs?

Don’t forget to drop a comment and subscribe too





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  1. thank you so much for this feature! I Know all the other bloggers and adore their blogs as well!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much hun. I needed this. And you’ve got all of my favourites listed out too. I’m honoured.

    Princess Audu

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