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It’s the weekend finally. It’s been a very exciting week for me  i must admit,  and then Susu and Banky just had to top it all; making girls imagine fairy tales and guys sliding into Dm’s like its their right ( pls learn well from your master first don’t practice with me ,i’m in for serious business LOL).


So lately i have had different thoughts on what it means to actually LET GO.

Whenever you go through something that breaks or hurts you and you decide to share with someone, you hear them say ‘LET GO’… I get it a lot from people myself and it really upsets me and i think to myself , is that phrase (let go) supposed to automatically put an end to everything i’m going through. But what exactly does it mean to LET GO?



I’ve always been a big fan of my mom, a beautiful woman, a warrior a keeper and even more. While growing up, i couldn’t even imagine life without her , being there to do everything for me and all . But then, God had it’s way and she departed earth . I couldn’t understand what happened, it was like my life was on pause for  a moment. Then  visitors would come visiting and they would all just say ‘ LET GO AND LET GOD’ this phrase got me angry a lot of times like what are these ones even saying ,can you guys just imagine what i’m going through.



So for a period, i wasn’t interested in talking to anyone i just wanted to be on my own and hate everyone. I couldn’t just let any feeling out, my frustrations, anger, and confusions, were kept to myself. Then i started calculating how i was going to live without a mother.

My point actually is; people make the phrase ‘ LET GO’ sound so easy. Trust me it is not that easy, but then again when you actually let go, there’s so much freedom and peace you feel within and even self satisfaction . For me, letting go was very slow as i spent months sobbing , and murmuring and not willing to accept what had happened and just move on with life, and this wasn’t helping , instead, it was killing me slowly .

Yes, it could be a bit difficult,but the truth about letting go is that it releases the attachment of grief. Now loosing a loved one is a great example .But it could be anything, academic failure, business failure, or even a heart break. There’s so much peace when you let go but most of us are very stubborn and reluctant about actually letting go , we try to make ourselves feel good in our pain when we know that’s not how we really want to feel.



Just let go and find a new dream that would make you  happy and less resentful. I lost my mom and its been tough . But i found out that being all bitter wasn’t helping, (once someone leaves your life , just let them go, don’t push it or force it, it just means their tenure in your life is expired) so i had to think of ways to make me happy. Though my process was slow but i’ve learnt to let go and i’ve seen so many benefits in letting go, it’s so much better than swimming in pain, (just go through)  the freedom is unexplainable not to mention the peace within.

I hope you let go of what is holding you back  someday if you haven’t.

How difficult do you think it is to let go?

Please feel free to drop a comment ( it means a lot to me)


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  1. Jerry says:

    I can totally relate

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice . Keep it up

  3. bisola says:

    Letting go is easier than done…but this is inspiring nd helpful thanks

  4. Esan Precious says:

    This story has helped my thought of letting go. Thanks kezy Grace

  5. Da luiz says:

    uhn what a touching story .keep it up girl

  6. Flacko says:

    You just spoke to me directly.
    Thanks for this Inspiring write up. Nice one kezie

  7. Marvin Solomon says:


  8. grace says:

    Nice one dear

  9. Cruz says:

    its hard to let go,
    I let go the wrong way and it still haunting me.
    it takes acceptance to let go

  10. Victor says:

    Wow.. That was really touching and inspiring.. Kudos..

  11. Sue olofin says:

    Ah! Kezi letting go isn’t easy oooo! But then we all, at some point, definitely learn that it’s easier that way. Awesome write up b.

  12. Morgana says:

    This is inspiring. Letting go is tough, but then the after effect gives you peace..inner peace.. Ive leant the act of letting go..

  13. Ilori oluwaseun tolulope says:

    This is touching. I luv this
    Weldone Grace

  14. Anonymous says:

    wow! Kezy this is a nice writeup. this piece is just directed to me😘

  15. paula says:

    Kezia youve spoken to me before you know..even after that I was still stubborn…but now maybe just maybe I’d try❤

  16. Damie says:

    Nice one dear…really nice

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful!???

  18. Naomi says:

    We had to let go, k.
    I’m proud of you

  19. Tobiloba says:

    “Letting go”
    The use of that phrase is so cliche that its starting to lose substance but in the general sense, you need to “Let go” sometimes to grow because there are times in life when you think you’ve found the special one or you’re in the right frame of mind only for things to turn out bad. Letting go actually means you’re ready to grow and accept those things we can’t change nor can we have.
    Your write ups are quite incredible and I will endeavour to read more. Kudos!

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